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Welcome to our website.

See the "Reunion Photos" page...

and "More Reunion Pics" page...

Take a Look...

And thanks to everyone!

We had eight LM bishops 

attend our reunion! 

Brent Sims

Warren Williams

Robert Thompson

Sol Keawekane

Rick Seely

Ruel Wagner

Gordon Lake

John Smith

And several of our friends

came back to town with bishop status from other wards!

Warren Williams sang a couple of songs for us,

we love his crooning ways!

Accompanied on the piano by his beautiful wife Dorothea!

He sang L O V E and Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Neil Olson, Bishop Brent Sims and Nick Smith sang and played for us four Beatles songs...Two Of Us, I'll Follow The Sun, Every Little Thing, We Can Work It Out

Bruce Hansen MC'd for us and played Fact or Fiction and he pulled memories and reminiscings out of our old brains. Fun Night with Fun Friends!

August 1, 2, 3rd 2014

Friday Night Potluck

Memory sharing of

days gone by

Saturday Clark Regional Park

BYO Picnic, money for parking

Play Softball, Volleyball,

Nature Center & Fishing

Sunday Fast and Testimony

meeting 9:00am

Shout Outs and Thank You's at the bottom of

"The Big Event" page.


“The Long and Winding Road Back to La Mirada”

La Mirada Ward 

Past Reunion

August 2007

Marilyn Lake Lamb marilynmadness@cox.net

Great Lyrics from Bruce Hansen - Bruce & Bob performed this song on the piano

at the Reunion on Fri. night. Read it and weep...

The La Mirada reunion is finally here

Many worked hard...for them let us cheer.

So Marilyn relax and let's have some fun...

When this is over...you can plan the next one!

I just finished viewing the LM website

It took me 12 hours but what a delight

Seeing wedding pictures from Atkinson to Smith

I attended a few, but most I did "mith"
Most guys in the pictures had really long hair

Seeing them now, don't have much to spare

The pictures of bishops it sure made me glad...

One seemed to say reverence...it looked like my dad!

But it seems like yesterday

So many pictures I tried to review

Showing Tanya, Bekki, Kristy and Dina too.

Some old rock and roll that really looked slick

Elvis impersonators and a guitarist named Nick

Prom pictures, road shows how busy we were

Where has the time gone...it all is a blur

Geoff Power made demands that must be met quick

Including Sister King and red lipstick

But it seems like yesterday

Finally this song is almost through

So unplug your ears and please don't sue

There's not enough time to sing of the rest

And decide in this builiding the first baby blessed.

Enjoy the weekend and be sure to smile

Cause we may not pass this way again for a while.

At times the wards battled but don't bellyache

Cause now you're all part of the Whittier Stake!

But it seems like yesterday

A Sign in a Podiatrist's Office Reads:

"Time wounds all heels"

A Sign in an Optometrist's Office:

"If you don't see what you're looking for, you've come to the right place"

A Sign on a plumber's truck: "We repair what your husband fixed"

On an Electrician's truck: "Let us remove your shorts"

Pioneer Women volunteer for everything!
Delaney and Makenzie Lamb 2003
Blessed are they who laugh at themselves for they shall never 

cease to be amused.
A friend of Ruel Wagner...

We'll be friends til we're old and senile ...then we'll be new friends

Geoff Power writes:

i am only attending the reunion if the following demands are met:
  • sister king comes AND wears bright red lipstick
  • the 'five little stars' (from the LM2 ward) perform the 'caliope song'
  • greg delamare shaves his moustache
  • brent sims comes without shoes on
  • jeff thompson doesn't bring any weapons or sharp objects
  • joe fetters wears a tight pair of 'angel flights'
  • darrel luzzo give a rousing speech
- if my demands are not met i will destroy the park with 'Round Up' the night before.

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory

Pictured Below:

Stray Cats album cover and sleeve from the 80's

Who are the models in the painting? Ed Roth collaborated with Dave Christensen on these comic kids!

I see Tom Christensen, Bekki King, Eric Keawekani, Dina Olson, Jeff Thompson, Kristi Wagner, Deanne Usher and Lisa DeLaMare...
Another Ed Roth & Dave Christensen original painting below. They created the famous band's liner notes and cool dadd-y-o cartoons. Some kids were from Ed's own Sunday School class from LM II Ward. 
Ed and Dave mentored and influenced many artists who now are living their cartoon dreams. Much love. 
No husband has ever been shot while doing the dishes
Always remember the lazy, crazy summer days.....
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