August 2014 at the park .....

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2014 ward reunion was located at 
Clark Regional 
(formerly Los Coyotes park) on Rosecrans Ave.

Remember these old signs around town?








More of our First Big Event

LM Reunion 2007....

LM Regional park

Big brother Glenn Baguley the high school teacher and little brother Kurtis Baguley Utah's gold metalist for best chef at the Grand America, this past mothers day


Congratulations to Kenny Baguley Mutual Telecom Service President's Award was presented to the Laughlin AFB Operations and Maintenance Team in recognition of their support to the 47th Communications Squadron. The 47th Communications Squadron recently received the prestigious "Excellence Award" from AETC for "Best Communications Squadron" for the Small Base Category.
Kenny Baguley, switch technician - 2nd from Left 2006

Ken Baguley, Sr. in the Nebo Philharmonic trombone section warming up to Dem 'Bones for their 3rd annual Easter concert April 6th. Held at American Leadership Academy in Spanish Fork.


Someone Recognizes me as Mother of the Year, of the Week?

Well At Least for the Day!

Dylan and Sean Lamb




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