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Cindy Olson, Mary Fetters, Joe Fetters, Kim Power, Lisa Delamare 1983

Kelly Sims and Lisa Delamare approx. 1982   Neff JV Yell

Neff Gym
LMHS Mascot

Sandy Arnoldson, Shawna Stevens, Ken Seymour, Mike Speakman, Gary McArthur, Dave Spence, Karen Seymour 

The Carpenters were mellow

Sue Hirschi 1967 La Mirada HS
Jan Hirschi 1974 Neff HS
Liz Hirschi & Ray Pitsenbarger 1963 McNally School
Winning Song "Happiness" 1965
Michael Pitsenbarger 1966 McNally School
Joe Uharriet & Scott Allen 1971 McNally School
Mark Evans, John Craig, Vicki Eastburn 1971 McNally School
Scott Evans 1971 McNally School
The Monkees were on TV...
Kayleen DeLaMare 1975 Neff HS
Mormon Night 1971
Diana Brinck & Julia Evans 1970 Flag La Mirada HS
We loved Herbie
Scott Atkinson 1974
1976 Virginia Conley, Kay Child, Donna Pitsenbarger-Award in Primary
Donald Blanchard with the newspaper
Randy Clifford 1977
Connie Lake, Joyce Brinck, Sally Bachman, Connie Cameron 1967
"The Four Cheers"

Chosen by contest to submit recorded demo and sing at the Tabernacle at a Salt Lake City Convention/June Conference.

Article lists each professional singing career of all four in the group.

Write up in the La Mirada Lamplighter Newspaper

Patty Atkinson and Harlene and Dean Olson

Verlie and Bob Hansen 

Paul and Sue Bunker and family 

Phil and Virginia Conley

The Baguleys, Diane, Ken, Karen and Krista

The Ahern family, Carolyn, Yvonne, Jolynne, Bill, Joe, Norman and Ted

Gordon Lake ready to jump in! 1968

Brian Burn, Ray Furgeson, Cruch Cline, Verni Wilkinson

Rudene, Bill and Ted Perkins, Ken Baguley, Lee Wilkinson, Rae Jeanne Boyle, Gail Burr, Connie Lake, Connie Cameron, Carol Coon, Joyce Brink, Sally Bachman

Tijuana Brass! - Rudene Perkins, Ken Baguley, Dianne Harris, Katie Cline, Connie Cameron, Rae Jeanne Boyle, Gail Burr, Connie Lake, Juanita Wilkinson, Carol Coon, Joyce Brink, SallyAnne Bachman

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