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My mamma made me wear it.... 
1981 Roadshow - Francene Reck
The Wagners - Therese, Vicki, Kristi, Juanita and Ruel
Marianne Seely, Laura Reck and Paige Seely - 1979
Jackie Eastburn & Rita Harrington - 1975
Karen Baguley, Lori Brinck, David Spence, Craig Wilkinson,
Barbara Lake, Carolyn Bunker - 1969
Marilyn & Nancy Lake & Carolyn Ahern 1975
Carolyn Bunker, Lori Brinck, Mary Reyes, Barbara Lake
& Marilyn Lake in front - 1967
Scott Smith's Family 2013
Darlene Evans and kids 2013
The Evans family 2006
Dorothea and Warren Williams and family
Warren and Dorothea Williams and family
Dean and Harlene Olson
Dick and Judy Giles with their grandkids
Ken Baguley on his trombone
Baguley Family-Ken, Glenn, Kenny, Kurt, Krista, Diane, Karen - 1977
Gary Hill, Tammy Magnusson, Vince Scheaffer, Teri Prestwich,
Iese Harrington, Cindy Giles, Keith Scheaffer - 1974
Lake Family 1965 and 1980
Cathy Giles, Kim Broderick, Jeannette Drasso, Marilyn Lake, 
Carolyn Ahern 1981
Teri Prestwich, Scott Evans
Randy Davidson, Tammy Magnusson - 1976
Scott Smith, Belinda Claybaugh, Brian Saylors, Debbie McDermott
Puppies Love Him
Kathy Conley, Bruce Hansen, Ted Ahern, David Spence,
Debbie Conley (in back) Don't know kids in front.
Debbie Conley and Debbie Caliva 1979
High Priests Trip to Palm Springs 1983
Bonnie Seely, LaVaun Hulterstrom, Verlie Hansen, Mollie Cardon, Carole Pearce,Virginia Conley, Susan Chandler
1982 Relief Society Program
Marilyn Roberts with ??
Blake and Barbara Stevens with their grandkids 2013
Barbara Lake Stevens & Blake Stevens & family 2006
Nancy Lake Rico with son Ashton & Connie & Gordon Lake 2006
Nancy and Ronny Rico and kids Sienna and Ashton 2013

1999 Verlie Hansen, Patty Atkinson, Annora Gordon, Margaret Hinrichsen

Explorer Scouts LM II
Scott & Cheryl Atkinson & kids 2006
1974 LM II Explorer Post 982
Trumbo Family
Blazer B Boys - Doug Redd, Phillip Conley, Greg Fetter, Andy Camero Eric Saylors, David Evans, Bart Child, Derek Spence 1975...
And Earl Redd with pie in the face 1978 - Dean Byers threw the pie
Bob Hansen & Win Williamson - 1987
Erma Williamson & Verlie Hansen - 1987
Kim Broderick Peck & Rob Peck & daughters Madeline & Rachel 2004
Judy, Evan and Steve Smith 2013
Kristy Wagner, Bekki King, Dina Olson, Tanya DeLaMare
Tahitian Dance 1979 Luau
Barbara Cowan, Judy Nance, Margaret George, Donna Pitsenbarger 
Luau 1977
Lee Child, Marilyn Underhill, Ruth Fewkes - 1984
Jackie and Barbara Cowan - 1984
Front to Back: Maren Cowan, Sarah Hill, Ruth Byers,
Cathy Giles & Marilyn Lake - 1980
Halloween 1986
Stacey Parsley, Kristin Looney, Kim Broderick, Cathy Giles
Utah Laurel Trip 1977
Front row L-R: Debbie Caliva, Becky Redd, Lisa Herr

Middle: Rita Harrington, Sheri Davidson, Debbie Conley, Belinda Claybaugh

Top row L-R: Tammy Magnusson, Darlene Evans, Lorraine Caliva, Barbara Lake
Cindy, Eunice & Merlin Magnusson 1983 
Virginia Conley & Toni Russell 2003
Shannon Daniels Carroll, Evelyn Power Billotta, Connie & Gordon Lake
Connie's 70th birthday party
Joe Metro's Family
Marilyn Lake Lamb's Family 2005
Sean, Marilyn, Scott, Delaney, Makenzie & Dylan
Cindy Giles, Barbara Lake, Cathy Giles, Marilyn Lake
Barbara Lake, Carolyn Ahern, Marilyn Lake 1980
Shari Jacobson 1979 
Lisa DeLaMare 1981
Mork & Mindy were there too
Robby Benson...I mean...Joe Fetters & Erin Russell 1982
Marilyn Lake & Jeannette Drasso - 1982
Concert goers - Was it Elvis Costello or Joe Jackson?
Ed Roth with the Stray Cats 1982 - Ed designed their album cover!
Tanya DeLaMare, Bekki King, Dina Olson & Kristi Wagner - 1983
Kristi Sims - La Mirada High School Tennis - 1985/86
Robertson Family - Men on Right: Wilkinson, Lake, Coon, Harris, Stanford, Brinck
Bottom Left: Lakes, Bachmans, Bunkers

Women on Right: Lake, Harris, Wilkinson, Brinck, Coon, Stanford
The Olson Family - Dean, Harlene, Cindy, Eric & Neil - 1964
1982 Kathleen Robertson, Elder Howard W. Hunter, 
his niece Lee Child, (he was Elder at the time)
Marilyn Lake and Elder Richard Brunner in Alabama
Kristi (Sims) Brunner and Richard Brunner and kids in Houston
Kelsey, Nicole and Bryan Brunner - November 2006
John Drasso 1979
This Mustang has all kinds of tricks inside...can you guess the owner?
Hint-tall, dark and handsome, basketball player and now father of 7.

He is in the photo in the kitchen above.
Kim Sims, Karen Seymour, Joe Metro, Scott Speakman and Sandy Arnoldson 1979
Charles and Jeannie Rodeback & Evelyn Emery
1982 Dina Olson, Kristi Wagner, Aimee Gossin, Bekki King
Dean Olson, Leif, Eric, Neil, Cindy & Dina 1971
Girls Camp 1978
La Mirada II Ward 1979 - Bill & Susie Monroe (Left) - Sol Keawekane (Right)
The Seventies were groovy - Keep On Truckin'
Kim Power and Lisa Arnoldson - 1978
Beth Millard 1978 - Girls Camp
Foremans, Bartls, Toni Russell, Stevens and Lamb Kids - 1991
Verlie Hansen, Patty Atkinson, Cliff Hinrichson, Annora Gordon-1994
1998 - Bob Hansen Jr., Verlie Hansen, Patrice (Hansen) Bentley and Family
Nadine, Dwayne and Doug King
Flashdance....Dwayne King
Erin Russell, Kim Broderick, Marilyn Lake - 1982
Hales Kids - 1979
VW OR BMW "Big Mormon Wagon"
Juanita Wagner and Barbara DeLaMare
Don DeLaMare and Ruel Wagner

Scott Atkinson, Margaret & Cliff Hinrichsen 1998

1987 Patty Atkinson, Chris & Jerri Christensen
Orin Jones Family 1979
LM II Roadshow 1983 "Camelittle"
LM II Ward Roadshow - 1983
Maureen Allen, Julie Keawekane, Lisa Arnoldson, Bekki King,

Kelly Sims, Kim Power, Lisa DeLaMare
Roadshow - 1983 Maureen Allen, Bekki King, Lisa Arnoldson,
Alma Erickson, Kim Power, Julie Keawekane
Christine Brunner and Nancy Lake - Roadshow 1981
Patrice Hansen Bentley, Connie Lake, Patty Atkinson, Donna Spence, Verlie Hansen, Ruth Fewkes - Roadshow 1979 
The Giles Family - Kendi Fisher, Bonnie Seely, Carole Looney, Ruth Fewkes, Virginia Conley, Rae Jeanne Boyle
Carolyn Ahern and Cindy Giles, Marilyn Lake - 1984
Erin Russell, Kim Broderick and Judy Giles - 1984
Earleen Smith, Donna Smith and Lee Child - 1984
Verlie Hansen, Patty Atkinson, Ralph & Darlene Evans
Janelle Thompson, Sims, Evelyn Power - LM II Roadshow 1983
Melissa Geier, Jeannette Drasso - 1979
(Background) Belinda Claybaugh, Carole Caliva
Joe Fetters' Kids
Millie Fetters, Juanita Wagner, Nadene King, Harlene Olson, Barbara
DeLaMare, Beth Millard and Pat Kruse
Nadene King, Mark..., Joe Fetters, Harlene Olson, Sue Oertel, Barbara DeLaMare, Patty Atkinson, Don DeLaMare - Yosemite 1983
YM/YW LM II Ward Yosemite 1983
LM II Ward Yosemite Trip 1983
1981 Roadshow Coliapi Song- Dina Olson, Bekki King, Julie Keawekane, Tanya DeLaMare, Kristi Wagner
Big Band Sounds were back!
Barbara Lake - 1976 Rose Bowl Dance Festival - Polka & Irish Jig
Rose Bowl Dance Festival - 1980
Kristi Sims Brunner, Evelyn Power, Leif Olson, Shannon Daniels, Eric & Julie Keawekane - Rose Bowl Dance Festival - 1985
Darrell Luzzo's or Dick Clark's Rousing Speech....Roadshow 1984
LM II Ward Roadshow 1984
Maureen Allen, Bekki King....Jeff Thompson, Kristi Wagner
Bekki King, Jeff Thompson....Roadshow 1984
Oral and Hannah Covington 1998
Teri, Kathleen, Hannah Abbott Covington, Jeanne, Sherran 2004
Betty & Walter Hulterstrom
Hulterstroms, McDermotts, Coons, Stanfords
Paula Saylors, Stacy Coon, Sherry Pearce and big group trip
Derek Spence and little buddies
They are our Future - The Robots or the Boys?
Roadshow 1979 - Richard Brunner, Aron Ennis, Phillip Conley,
Bill Ahern, Eric Saylors, David Evans
Girls Camp 1979
Jeannette Drasso & Marilyn Lake - 8th grade Halloween 1978
Tanya Hansen - 1982
Becky Conley & Katie Collette - 1979
Lena Herrera, Brian Saylors, Carolyn Ahern - 1981
Allison Richards and Nancy Lake - 1983
1981 Kathleen Robertson, Gloria Bartl, Marilyn Lake, Lorraine Caliva,
Virginia Conley, Irene Drasso
Ana Brunner and Ruth Byers - Counselors
Girls Camp LM II Ward 1982
Dina Olson, Kristi Wagner and Bekki King at BYU
Lisa Arnoldson, Jill Hirschi and Diana Lamb - 1984
1983 Jeannette Drasso, Marilyn Lake, Cindy Magnusson
Lori Drasso Roberts, Lance Roberts, Lena Herrera - 1983
Coon, Wilkinson, Brinck, Lake, Harris, Bunker
Bishop Robert & Verlie Hansen 1975
Sherrie Beito & Mother Jerri - Merrie Miss Luncheon with Mothers & Daughters 1975 Ruth & Lilly Byers - Ruth in yellow dress center
Phillip Conley 1973 and Dean Spence & Jeff & Phil Conley
Mike McClanahan, Kathy Conley, Eric Saylors, Phil Conley, Richard Brunner - Rose Bowl Dance Festival 1980
Bill Ahern, Majid, Phillip Conley, Derek Spence, Eric Saylors,
John Rice (Dark Right), Richard Brunner (Back) - Roadshow - 1979
Louise Motisett, Verlie Hansen, Connie Lake,
Lorraine Caliva, Eunice Magnusson 1974
1986 Deanna Spence and Connie Lake
Geoff Power - Youth Mexico Trip, playing with los chicos
The Five Stars - Julie, Dina, Kristi, Bekki, Tanya
Kim Broderick and Sheri Bishop - 1987
Zina & Clyne Broderick
Bud & Donna Pitsenbarger
Blake Stevens & Barbara Lake - 1982
1982 Marilyn Lake, Joe Fetters, Lori Smith, Bret, Jill Hirschi, Dan Robinson
1987 Shannon Daniels, Liz Tillinger, Nancy Lake, Cindy Pearce
Tanya DeLaMare, Dina Olson, Julie Keawekane,
Kristi Wagner, Bekki King
Jeff & Phil Conley & Derek Spence 1978
Ruth Byers, Cathy Giles, Marilyn Lake - 1980
The Talking Heads was a hot 80's band
Dwayne King - Elder to Be
Dwayne King - Happy Elder
1999 Nadene King and Family
Starsky & Hutch on TV
Kim Power & Julie Jensen - 1983
Evelyn Power and Nancy Lake - 1990
Nancy Lake, Cindy Pearce, Michelle Boyle, Liz Tillinger - 1990


Brent Boyle 


Michelle Booth

Roberts, DowDell, Crenshaw, Heiss, Boyles,
Darlene Evans, Boyds, Lee Roberts, Ken Baguley, Gordon Lake



Glenn Baguley - 2006

Hiltons, Roberts, Aherns, Farnsworth and Donna Smith
Brian Saylors, Scott Lamb, Kim Broderick, Carolyn Ahern - 1983
Brent Boyle - 1982
1986 Gabriela Hernandez, Kristin Looney and Betina Hernandez


Roadshow approx. 1984

Top: Vicky Savala --- Bottom: Gabriela Hernandez, Christine Brunner,
Kristin Looney, Betina Hernandez, Jackie Cowan



Trumbos, Baguleys, Andreolis, Brian Brinck



Dale and Jan Andreoli - 1953

You can see Valley View Avenue and the train tracks in the background, Neff mansion in the distance



Lisa, Karen & Stacy Shinedling, 

Connie Lake - 1990


Michael J. Fox was a fox!

1st Ward Primary - 1986


Tanya DeLaMare, Bekki King, Kristi Wagner, Dina Olson..."Side By Side"


Roadshow 1982

Top: Tiffany Chandler, Nancy Lake, Allison Richards, Christine Brunner


Bottom: Sarah Hill, Carolyn Ahern, Tanya Hansen, Marilyn Lake, Cathy Giles



Tanya Hansen Guarino & Thanya Hansen - 1988


The 80's Gave us the Need for Speed

Top Gun

Betty Hulterstrom, Shirley Booth, Michelle Booth Roesberry, Melissa Roesberry, Jim Booth, Walter Hulterstrom
Verlie Hansen, Darlene Evans, Cathy Giles Peterson


Eric Mitchell and Tammy Warr Mitchell and Family - 2006

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