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Our First Reunion Starts here...

August 2007


Big Shout Out to our MC's!!
Bob & Bruce Hansen 2007

These two brothers gave us so much enjoyment and laughs. With smart nostalgia, great props and the original Reunion Song!

P.S. Hats off to all our entertainers! You are so wonderful and talented! Thanks for sharing your gifts with us.

Thanks so much to our technical support, Nick Smith. Thanks Nick for managing the equipment and the whole building for us.

Now thank you to our committees and performers:

Gordon & Connie Lake for photos and contacts. And for being the best parents around.

Kim Stilson & Brent Sims for hosting our fun talk shows.

Ruth Byers for identifying so many of you on the website for us.

Carolyn Henderson for our beautiful sunflower centerpieces and to her daughters for the fabulous face painting.

Keith Henderson, Scott Lamb and Mark Cloward for organizing our softball game.

Kim & Rob Peck for creating and running our fun slide show.

Jeannette Ichikawa for equipment & super human brain power on our "Remember Whens" page.

Barbara Stevens & Cindy Nielsen for our childrens games at the park.

Matt Foreman for the balloon animals.

Ruel Wagner for photography.

Bishop Robert Thompson for approving the festivities and for publicizing them so well. For being a part of the positive planning and encouragement so needed along the way.

Bishop Keithly for publicity in the Granada ward.

Gloria & Jim Bartl for our library supplies & church set up.

Mary Barger & Belinda Carpenter for the kitchen crew.

Nick Smith for the sound equipment and concert gig.

Band performers: Brent & Brandon Sims, Steve Williamson & Dave Williamson.

Steve Smith for his performance to a few generations of devoted fans. The guru, skilled in his musical genius.

The Hendersons for the Broadway performance of a lifetime. To line up those kids, to be all in one place and perform together as a family is truly precious.

Thanks to Scott Lamb & the kids for their talent & support :)

Again to our MC's...they cannot be thanked enough. Putting themselves out there in front of us rowdy LM Warders.

Everyone who donated to the jar for the large park fee. We covered our costs, thanks to you!


Everyone who brought food to share.

And thanks to all you travelers out there who made the big journey. Cheers.







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