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Funny times...this is where it gets good!

How many Chinese fire-drills can you fit into one Roadshow night between Cerritos, Norwalk and La Mirada?

How many times can you fall down at a ward youth dance-a-thon doing a fast polka?

How many Whittier dances did you witness first hand growing up? It was something to see...I could write a book!

Remember when the roadshow was at the La Mirada Civic Theater? Remember the Yummy Lollipop boys?

Remember when Eric Olson's nick name was Ish? Or was it Ishiboshi?

Remember Heinee Hinrichsen?
In his words, "I had the habit of ditching Primary (the activity was held during the week on Wednesdays) and I would hide in the bushes in the parking lot and the teachers would have to come out looking for me. Yes, I was a very naughty little boy, prone to mischief".

Cindy Olson's nick name was and is Boo-Boo.

Remember when Brian Saylors I believe was on his way to church in a hurry because he was asked to bless the sacrament (I think...if not, it'll make the story more interesting!) He was driving his v.w. bus, he was so proud of, a little too fast around the Clearwood bend on the other side of Valley View and rolled it! Luckily, he flew out the window and I think the
van only rolled on his legs with no injury. He was taken to the hospital, and I and a few others went to make sure he was ok, but he was in shock and couldn't remember anything from that whole morning! The one time I do something nice and I get no recognition!! Haha...good to see all the old faces that I haven't seen for ages...pulled my name up on google and found the reunion site to my surprise and delight! Your friend, Brent Boyle
Sorry Brian

I remember in seminary when the teacher asked Brent Sims to "hit the lights" to watch a filmstrip, Brent really hit the lights and shattered the switch in the scout room. I think the teacher was Charlie Robertson that year.
- Ruth Byers

Remember when we loved to sing hymns in Charlie Robertson’s seminary class: Let Us All Press On, There is Sunshine in My Soul Today, The Books of the Old Testament? I still have all those songs memorized today. We had fun scripture chasing too.
- Scott Speakman

Remember when Steve Speakman was swimming free style at scout olympics? He thought he was in first place when he couldn't see anyone around him. Thought he left everyone so far behind. He found out he was dead last when they were all waiting for him at the finish line.

Remember the LM I Ward's "No-Talent-Talent-Nights?" Tijuana Brass was a big hit featuring Connie Cameron, Diane Harris, Carol Coon, Bill and Rae Jeanne Boyle, Ken Baguley, Joyce Brinck, and Gail Burr.

Then there was the interview with Charlie the Tuna (Gordon Lake), the Newlywed Game and the Dating Game. We learned more about each other than we really wanted to know!

Remember Walter Hulterstrom "tripping the light fantastic" across the stage? Or was he "tiptoe-ing through the tulips in a tutu?" It could have also been the man on the flying trapeze!

- Tammy (Warr) Mitchell

Remember when we had to keep performing that lollipop skit from the roadshow, we even had to perform it on the LMII Youth Utah trip – “I’m a great big lollipop, once you taste me you will never stop, I taste sublime, whether cherry, orange, lemon or lime.”

Remember when Joe Metro organized the lunchtime volleyball tournaments at Neff High School – I wonder who won those.

Remember when someone lost a body part while riding on the back of Tim Metro’s moped? Sandy Arnoldson was the driver. It was a lost toe.
So sorry Lisa

Remember when Eric Olson took Karen Seymour to the Dodger game and took a whole strawberry pie with them for dessert? Too bad the strawberry juice went all down the front of Eric's white jeans. (We hear Eric was a coupon dater).!

Remember when there were stake fairs with boutique sales and Ralph Evans arranged for a ferris wheel? One year there was a roasted pig. Remember when they dug up the pig at dinner time but the fire had burnt out and pig didn't cook?

Remember when Kelly Sims drove Scott Speakman's car up onto someone's lawn? Scott saw his life flash before his eyes.

Remember when we called Scott Speakman Mr. Cool, and that made Joe Metro Mr. Personality?

Remember when Jeff Redd surprised Irene Drasso with a cut lemon? Many knew that Irene would pucker up and get lock-jaw at the smell of a cut lemon. Jeff set it up and took a picture. Later she received a blown up copy of the photo of herself all puckered up!

Remember when we had many Labor Day picnics right before school would start at Regional park and they would result in many water balloon fights? But the water balloons "ballooned" into much more. Write to us if you were tossed into the lake! We want to know who you are.

Remember when Ruth Byers coached us in church volleyball? She was teaching some of us from scratch. She drove us to our games and gave us all the confidence we needed to play.

Remember when the young women would meet at Kathleen Robertson's house to make rigatoni and also when we baby sat her kids? The kids' swim instructor was the main attraction. Gorgeous George.

Remember when Darlene Evans would teach us songs on Tues. Primary days, and she made the big posters? The Snoopy songs were the best...the "summertime song."

Lance Roberts used to stand in the Evans' freezer to prepare for his cold Canadian mission.

If you were in the Neff locker room with the boys basketball team and some cheerleaders walked in on you, write to us. We might tell all, maybe we better not!

Remember when Brian and Eric Saylors rode their tandem bicycle around? They had to take turns and call dibbs on the thing to give friends rides. Remember it going down Adelfa Rd. by LMHS?
Some would jump off for their lives.

Beach cruisers were the transportation for some kids with girls riding on handlebars. Remember when a pack of cruiser riders went out one night and picked up dozens of meter covers from people's yards? All the covers that night were set on someone's lawn to spell something? What was it?

Remember when Bill Ahern would drive the younger girls around, out of the goodness of his heart? To the dances, to McDonalds, usually for free, but sometimes for a small fee.

Remember when Judy and Steve Smith would ask us to babysit? They had the best set up. Nice kids, good food and their band Evergreen kept them out late.

Remember when Mr. Hengler from LMHS kidnapped Carolyn Ahern from his own front lawn during a t.p. attempt? He called her parents while the real guilty older kids ran. (Wasn't Connie driving the getaway car?) Names: Barbara & Marilyn Lake, Jeannette Drasso, Randy Davidson, Gary Vodrill & Ron Truelove. That taught us not to hang out with the older kids anymore. Hengler wasn't too fond of the Mormon kids, he was ASB supervisor with Joe Ahern, Jeff Redd & Bruce Hansen.

Remember when Todd Waltz almost fell out of the Drasso mustang on the 101 freeway on the way to the Clash concert? His darn foot on that darn door lever. He had to be yanked back in by little Jeannette Drasso.

Remember when Tues. afternoon Primary would sell cupcakes for 10 cents?

I wonder why they charged the little kids to make a profit.

Remember LM 1st ward boys basketball won many stake finals and went on to Regionals and Area? Boys on that team included David Spence, John Drasso and Steve Foreman.

Remember when Steve Foreman would take the ball down the court with a Strut? The feathers in his hair would bounce the whole way.

Remember when David Spence would fake those fouls? The falls he pulled off could put Chevy Chase to shame.

All you boys who dated Lori Drasso, remember when her dad came to the door with a shot gun?

Remember when Carolyn Ahern went down Alicante hill on a skateboard in her church dress? OUCH!

Jeannette Ichikawa always thinks of Joe Fetters when she hears David Bowie...

Remember when Cerritos ward put on expensive roadshows?

Remember when Neil Olson and friends would go to the drive throughs and take your order? Mr. Microphone and the guys would be hiding in the bushes, "May I have your order please." So innocent customers would be messed with. Or they would add 10 large fries to someone's order and hide.

Remember Charlene Uharriet's van? She made a home movie of continuous seminary kids climbing out of the van like a clown car.

Remember when Kathleen Robertson's house got t.p.'d and all the young women that were sleeping over ran outside to gather up unused rolls of t.p. for later?...(we were all out).

Remember these names - Gary MacArthur, Sherry Bell, Mike Speakman, Tim Metro, Penny Coke? Good friends to the down and out. Driving home after a Long Beach dance on the laps of friends sometimes is a survival method when you've been ditched and stranded so far from home. Seat belt laws were different back then.

LMHS Streakers, we know who you are. You shall remain nameless. This was done at least twice.

Remember when the kids went out with a fire extinguisher in their car? 

Drive-bys had a whole different meaning back then.

Cookie parties were fun. Deliveries in the middle of the night in disguises only attracted the friendly police officers. 

Brent Richards' dad was a police officer. Remember when he gave us a ride one time and he had to get out of the car to run an errand so he asked Jeannette to hold his gun in her purse until he came back. Yes but was it loaded?

Remember when frisbee golf was new to LM Regional Park? It was pretty fun.

Remember when Kim Power collected Kermit the Frogs?

Remember all the spaghetti dinners at the church?

Remember the sleepover at Kathleen Robertson's house when Charlie pretended to be an intruder coming in from the back yard? The girls ran screaming out the front door but Cathy Giles went and got a butcher knife!!! Everyone had been watching a scary movie so we were in the perfect mood for what happened!

Remembr when Charlie Robertson taught seminary
and would have all the class over for a pancake breakfast?...My little kids (now all married...haha) were SO impressed with all the cool teenagers!!! They have some great memories from those times!!!
- Kathleen Robertson

I remember when we met in the Quanset(?) Hut on Stage Rd.? Our classrooms were the fireworks booths that we used on the 4th of July. When it rained, it was so loud that you couldn't hear Bishop Ralph Evans conduct the meeting. We had to be at seminary at 5:30am because La Mirada High was on a double schedule. Neither John Glenn or Neff was built yet.
- Christine (Smith) Craig

I do remember the inside of Marilyn's garage when they went on vacation. Didn't the backyard get royally papered too? A masterpiece!
- Matt Allen

Remember when Cheri Uharriet went down Alicante hill on a bicycle and crashed. A lot of damage, not only to the bike. Sorry Cheri

Remember when Connie Lake would take your picture before you could leave the house? She must have been saving memories for this reunion.

Remember when we knew Lori Drasso and Kathy Roberts? They switched last names when they each got married. Now they're sisters in law and are known as Lori Roberts and Kathy Drasso.

Remember when Neil Olson had tricks to play on Frank? Was it Franks of the week? Was that a picture of Uncle Sam or Frank who "Wants You" to be mature?

Remember the famous Ed Roth pinstriping cars and silk screening t-shirts? Amazing artist.

Remember Hawaiian shirts with neck ties on Sundays?

Remember when the mutual kids sold panty hose door to door? They were in little boxes, and Randy Clifford could sell them to any woman.

Remember when the young women sold boxes of Helen Grace candy bars? How many of you ate the whole box yourself and your parents had to pay for it? My favorite was peanut butter crunch.

Remember the luaus the Harringtons put on? We rehearsed our hullas in their garage for hours.

Remember when Brother Herr would pass out candy on Sundays. His pockets were full.

Remember all the live bands we saw at church dances? Foxx, Eclipse, Pegasis and of course don't forget EVERGREEN.

Remember when Bishop Hansen would come down and get you if you were noisy in sacrament meeting?

Remember when Reba White chaperoned a camp out? She forgot how to be her usually reserved self around the camp fire. It was then she got her nick name RRRREBA (arriba arriba). Who knew!

Remember when the mutual went on a bus trip to Utah in the 70's...Bruce Hansen, Jeff Redd, etc.? T-shirts with copied Channel 2 slogan "CBS we're the best" read "LDS We're the Best"

Remember girls when you bought a supply of rice paper to send airmail for writing to your many missionaries? Or the all-in-one airmail envelope, foldable letter page. 

Remember when you would go to the post office and see Roy Foreman and Charlie Byers working there and you had to face them with your ump-teenth missionary package? You know what they were many boys were you writing to, how often and now they would know which elders you liked.

Remember when Betty Hulterstrom used to win all the good prizes, like the dish towels, at all the bridal and baby showers? She could win at any game.

Remember when 4 boys from LM II ward reincarnated into the new and young again Fab 4? Neil Olson became Paul McCartney, Glenn Georgieff became John Lennon, Joe Fetters became Ringo Starr, and Brent Sims of course George Harrison. Many of us were taken a-back by the eerie resemblance.

Remember when the Forties lived around the corner from the Evans and their daughter Kalene Fortie sang "Herkimer, the Homely Doll" with David Evans at the ward Christmas program? Sometime between 1967 and 1970.

Remember when Steve Speakman was driving his truck back from a ward beach party at Huntington Beach without the shell to cover the bed of the truck? He had Geoff Power and little Jeff Thompson in the back and Jeff Thompson fell out backwards when Steve jerked into the left turn lane at Beach Blvd and La Mirada Blvd? Jeff went into shock from landing on his head on the street and Steve was shocked Jeff's dad Bruce didn't beat him up. Sorry Jeff

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