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Disney World Aug. 2007 - Scott & Marilyn Lamb


Brent Sims and Kelly Sims, wedding for Kelly's son Peter 2013


The Fishers 2012...L to R: 

Mark, Carolyn (Soto), Kendy, Alan, Ryan, Scott


Florence Herr's 90th birthday - April 2014

Chad and Kim Power Stilson
Gary Prestwich 2013
Gary Prestwich's scout troop including Danny Bishop, Isaac Smilowitz, Matt Seely, Billy Giles
Carolyn and Keith Henderson's family 2014...
Kiara's wedding
Ken and Diane Baguley
Ken Baguley and his five kids. Diane's funeral
Roger and Leslie Speakman 2014
Leslie Metro and Roger Speakman 1980 Dance Festival
Leslie Metro Speakman 1980 Rose Bowl Dance Festival
Joe Metro 1980 Dance Festival
Laura Reck Cluff and family 2013 
Robert and Kim Broderick Peck's family 2012
Brady and Dina Olson Harris 2009
Warren Williams and his kids

Diana Sims' Party...Front row is Ryan Bridges (son of Steve & Pam), Diana Sims (daughter of Brent & Lisa), Sidney Cloward (Mark & Cindy's oldest), Erica Olson (Eric and Karen's youngest) Katelyn Degener (Greg Degener & Erin (Smith) Degener's) and Halley Cloward (again, Mark & Cindy's)...
Excluding the peace givers in the back, we don't know them...


Mark Cloward 1982

Joe Metro
Eric Olson and family 2010
George and Sue Sims and family 2009
Brandon, Sue and Brent Sims 2012

Ruth Byers & Michelle Booth on their missions, at the MTC

Michelle Booth
Carolyn Cline Hawks with husband and their 6 children
Julie Cline Mattingly and Ty Mattingly and children

On the tour bus 1983 - Drummer & Singer Todd Waltz & Francene Reck Waltz



Harry Estep, David Foreman, Iese Harrington Ruth Byers, Marlene Jordan - Roadshow 1983












1987 Roadshow Ruth Byers & Kathleen Robertson

1996 Bob Jr., Verlie, Bruce Hansen and Patrice Hansen Bentley


Kathleen Robertson and Virginia Conley

Bishop Dean Spence, Bob Hill, Ricardo Brunner, Mark Ortel 1992
Donna Smith, Barbara Cowan, Sharon Hill, Deanna Spence 1992
Ruth Fewkes, June Davis, Virginia Conley, Marilyn Roberts 1992

Donna Smith, Joann Harrington, Lillie Byers










Joann, Lillie, Stephanie Sovala, Donna Smith and Mary Wales 1995 

1996 Virginia Conley
Leola Crenshaw and daughters - Linda, Kathy & Ginger 2000
Crenshaw daughters 1971- Linda, Ginger & Kathy
Larry & Don Crenshaw 1965


Leola Crenshaw's Sunday School class 1962 (not in order) Ginger & Linda Crenshaw, Kathy Nelson, Teresa Abbott, Elaine Hulterstrom, Robert Dunn, Steven Duran, Bill Chaney, Kathy Maraga, Jackie Beidler


Nora Mansur, Patrice Hansen, Sherry White, Lynne Garfield & Kandy War - Lake Arrowhead 1963

The Croft Family 2006 - Scott, Madeline(16), Kristin Looney Croft, Brian(13), Spencer(8), Braeden(5)
Mary Claybaugh Barger and family
Tanya DeLaMare, Jami Usher, Julie Keawekane, Dina Olson, Renita Robertson, Kristi Wagner, Jeff Thompson, Bekki King
Kermit the Frog getting sassy!


Phillip Jr., Phil and Jeff Conley 1974


Phil Conley jumping high, looking Fly


Casey Miller, Steve Davidson, Brent Richards, John Parker, Danny Harrington, Gary Hornberger, Phil Conley, Jim Reck-Coach, Fred Palmer, David Foreman, David Cardon, Jeff Conley, Deanna Spence

1980 Girls Camp - Part I
1980 Girls Camp - Part II
Toni Russell, Virginia Conley, Lois Palmer, Freddie Van der Horst, Connie Lake, Darlene Evans, Verlie Hansen

Connie Lake, Virginia Conley, Lois Palmer, Freddie Van Der Horst and Verlie Hansen

Ruth Fewkes, Zina Broderick, Virginia Conley, June Davis, Toni Russell, Donna Smith, Verlie Hansen
La Mirada Ward High Priests 2004
Debbie Conley Larsen, Bryan Larsen, Virginia Conley, Patrick, Kathy, Corey, Mike & Cole McClanahan - 2005 - Missionary Patrick
Erin Russell, Nancy Lake, Carolyn Ahern, Rodney McLaughlin, Kim Broderick, David Foreman, Corey Child, Brian Saylors, Sheri Bishop, Brent Richards - 1981
Roadshow - Robert Thompson
Gary Fisher and Lisa Arnoldson 1984
Don't coast through life...
Juanita Wagner, Elva Hafen, Verlie Hansen (ladder), Patty Atkinson


Wayne & Faye Holland











Danny & Gail Hill


Wayne & Faye Holland 2004

Barbara Rice & Family 2005 BYU Idaho Graduation

Phillip Rice,Tyrone, Chantel, Barbara, Christina & Matt Contreras
Cathy Peterson, Sierra Rice and Curt Peterson


Christina and David Rice, with niece Rebecca July 3rd 1999

David passed away in July 1999


Christina Rice Contreras, Baby Colin & Matthew Contreras

Marilyn & Lee Roberts 1997
Gordon & Connie Lake 1997
Ruth & Eldred Fewkes 1997
Carol Prestwich, Virginia Conley, June Davis, Ruth Fewkes
Kathy Conley McClanahan & Mike McClanahan & kids - oldest to youngest - Patrick, Corey and Cole
Phil & Virginia Conley 1997
Phillip & Teri Conley and family - oldest to youngest - Brittney, Travis, Paige and Phillip John - 2003
Becky Conley Finlayson & Jim Finlayson & family 2003
Jeff & Hope Conley & family - oldest to youngest - Christopher, Brianna, Alexis, Cameron and (Brooke...below in next photo)
Brooke Conley, Jeff & Hope's youngest

Debbie Conley Larsen and kids

Left to right - Mandy, Bryan & Megan 2005

Kathy Conley McClanahan & Mike McClanahan & kids
Marilyn Lamb & Paula VanDerHorst 1993 - Laguna Hills Ward

Paula, Sandy and Dena Saylors, Kathy Conley and Donna Caliva 1991 Paula's baby Carly's blessing day

Nancy Lake with nieces & nephews - Dylan Lamb, Rochelle Stevens, baby Makenzie Lamb & Chad Stevens - 1994
Barbara Stevens & Marilyn Lamb 1994 - with two buns in the oven



Carolyn Henderson's kids - Kami, Cooper & Kiara - white shirts

Above - Jeannette Ichikawa's kids - Tiana, baby Christian & Trevor in hat 
Marilyn Lamb's kids - Sean & Dylan - red stripes & yellow stripes
Kim Peck's baby Maddie in blue - 1994



Nancy Lake Rico and Ashton and Ron Rico 2006


Carolyn Ahern Henderson & Keith Henderson & Family 2006


Oldest to youngest - Cooper, Kami, Kiara, Kasey & Kobe

Carolyn Ahern Henderson in the "Chronicles of Narnia" 
Harry Potter...2000 and beyond


Booth Family 1987













Byers Family - Ruth, Dean, Charles & Lillie 1987


1969 Carol Bills, Ruth Byers, Sandi Eastburn, Janet Cline










1975 Merri Miss Daddy Daughter Sock Hop - Charlie & Ruth Byers

Janet Cline and son Conner
Bishop Chuck & Katie Cline
Claudia Cline Hutchings & Richard Hutchings at daughter's wedding
Dave & Rochelle Thomas & children


1970 Barbara & Marilyn Lake

Carolyn Bunker, Barbara Lake, Lori Brinck 1969 Stake Fair


Jack and Jody Roberts family



Conley Family sealed in the temple 1994 








And with grandchildren for Phil's birthday


More Conley Grandchildren

Merlin & Eunice Magnusson with baby Trevor Phillips (Keith and Tammy’s youngest of five) on his blessing day August 1997


Laurel Class 1977 - "Mother Hubbard's Children"

Barbara Lake, Becky Redd, Debbie Conley, Debbie Caliva,
Tammy Magnusson, Rita Harrington, Sheri Davidson, Belinda Claybaugh, Lisa Herr


The Sims Family - Family reunion circa 1995 Front row (left to right): P.J. Brignoni, Eric Cooper, Marc Brignoni, Next row: George Sims, Kelsey Brunner, Allyson Brignoni, Helen Sims, Nichole Brunner, Kristi Brunner, Tyler Brunner, Kari Sims, Chloe Palty, Next row: Katie Sims, Scott Cooper, Kim Cooper, Sue Sims, Brandon Sims, Kasey Sims Back row Bill Cooper, Kelly Bringnoni, Lisa Sims, Brent Sims, Jennifer Cooper


Brent Sims 1984 Taiwan Mission


Barbara Lake Stevens Family 2005 at daughter Danae's wedding.

Chad, Blake, Danae & Nate Curtis, Barbara,
(front) Rochelle & Marissa



Steve Bridges Family 2005

Brent & Diana Sims - Vader Lives
Darth Vader & Ryan Bridges

Hey. Watch that saber thingy!
Brent Sims and Steve Bridges


Shannon (Daniels) Carroll & Evelyn (Power) Bilotta - March 2007
Marilyn's house for Nancy's baby shower


John Drasso, Jr. (son of John and Kathy) - June 2006

Dylan Lamb (son of Marilyn & Scott) with John Drasso, Jr.
Scripture Chase 2006


Barbara Lake Stevens in back, with son Chad & daughter Danae
Mission Prep hair cut, September 2006



Our Youth have a new saying, KEEP ON TRECKIN'

One of Gordon Lake's very good looking grandchildren, Dylan Lamb


Melissa Drasso (daughter of John & Kathy) and Tiana Ichikawa (daughter of Jeannette & Dave) Fashion Show Models


Billy Giles - Banging the Doldrums


Harlene Olson, Nick Smith, Rose Hamilton & Pat Kruse 1990


(Top) Tessy Ortel, Linda Reck, Jeanne (Boyle) Schaeffer, Rhonda Bennet, Sue Wyatt (Below) Marion Perkins, Chris Nevels, Sarah Cosper, Lilla Richards - 1995


(Top) Lilla Richards, Ana Brunner, Cynthia Brunner, Janie King, Margie Perkins (Below) Tammy (Craig) Williamson, Betty Hulterstrom, Chris Wilkinson, Denise Morales, Lois Palmer - 1995


Chandler family - Oldest son could be Geoff Power's twin brother?


Lena Herrera & Geoff Power - 1982
David Evans & Diane - 1981


David Evans, Richard Brunner, Phil Conley, Eric Saylors,
Derek Spence and Brian Saylors on right


Belinda Claybaugh & Katie Collette - 1979


20th high school reunion

Joann Beatty, Carolyn Henderson, Kim Broderick, Jeannette Drasso, Marilyn Lake, Deanna Spence Forsberg


John & Kathy Drasso and kids at daughter Melissa's wedding
Kids: Chris-top left, Joe-left, twin brother John across right,
Far right-Robbie, Front-Alicia, Michelle and Melissa - 2002


Cindy Magnusson Andersen's Family - 1995
David Sr. holding baby David Jr., Cindy holding baby Anthony,
Katie - right, Nicole - middle, Victoria & Sheryl - in front


Tanya Hansen and daughter 1996



LaVaune & John Hulterstrom 1996

Dick & Pat Kruse 1996


Gordon Lake, Phil & Virginia Conley, Lee & Marilyn Roberts 1996
Carol & Gary Prestwich and Dick & Reba White 1996
Lucie & Lisa Huser 1996 (Lucie's family)
Cindy Giles Nielsen, Carole Caliva Harrison & Katie Collette Merrill 
Dick & Judy Giles 1996


Julian & Diane Smilowitz at son Isaac's wedding 1996









Rachel, Summer & Marie Smilowitz


Barbara & Cecil Cowan and Joan & Bob Stevens 1996


Ed & Joyce Brinck, Earl Redd, Chuck & Katie Cline, Jack & Jody Roberts 1996 - Park City Utah, Earl Redd's Birthday

Tom & Chris Wilkinson and Taffie too - Annual Christmas House!
Laurel Clark & daughter Shellie, center-Tom & Chris Wilkinson 1997

The Sims Family Easter 2006
Sue & George Sims in front, Katie, Brandon, Kasie, Kari, Kristi, Kelly, Brent, Kim

Nick Smith & Dwayne King 2002
Dwayne King, Nick Smith, Steve Williamson, Rob Syphax 2002
Nick Smith 1997
Steve Williamson 1997
Neil Olson 1997
Nick Smith, Steve Williamson, Eric Saylors, Neil Olson 1997
Nick Smith 2002
Nick Smith & Steve Williamson 2002
Nick Smith, Dave Williamson, roadie, Dwayne King, James Syphax, Rob Syphax, Steve Williamson 2002
Dwayne King 2002
Nick Smith Band 2002
Nick Smith 2002
Joe Fetters with Robin Zander of Cheap Trick 2007
Joe Fetters with Rick Nielsen and Cheap Trick 2007


La Mirada Reunion 2025...

Brady Harris, Dina Olson Harris, 4 kids, so far, in 2005!

Dina Olson Harris' 5 kids in January 2007 and Grandma Harlene Olson
Kids oldest to youngest: Hannah, Jonathan, Paige, Madeline & Dylan

Steve Speakman and family
Sacramento, CA

Jeannette Ichikawa, Dave Wakeling from The English Beat,
Marilyn Lamb - The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano 2002

Gordon & Connie Lake 2006
Juanita & Ruel Wagner

Pearl Usher from LM II Ward
Juanita Wagner's mother passed away in 2004 at the age of 95


Bret Bean and Kristi (Wagner) Bean - Hawaii 2003











Meet the Royals...Barbara Rice, David Rice, Cathy Giles and
the Rice family


Becky (Redd) Thayne and family



Becky and Kevin Thayne with their
grandbuddies Katie & Zack

Douglas, Claudia & Alexandria Redd 2005


David Evans family 
Patrick 17, Daniel 17, Antje 25 ;-), David 26 ;-), Eric 7 - 2006

Evans Family Reunion 2006


Snoopy Scouts to the rescue!

Scouts - Alan Fisher and Craig Child

Lake Arrowhead summer camp 1976 - Front to back - Bill Ahern, Gary Fisher, Eric Saylors, David Evans, Brother Reck, Richard Brunner, Andy Camero


Yvonne Ahern 
Carolyn & Keith Henderson
Carolyn Henderson & Kids
Scott Speakman & Lisa Layne - 1981

Scott Speakman and family
Back - Ryan, Tiffany, Brandon, Front - Scott, Trevor, Lisa

Joe Metro at L.A. Temple 1981 - Mike Speakman, Joe Metro, Jennie Wynn, Paul Stevens and ??
Nick Smith & Joe Metro
Gregg Shinedling and family. Wife Jen, daughter Olivia
Scott Shinedling and family. Wife Lynnette, Kevin, Davin & Tristin

Stacy Shinedling Hill and family. Jannelle and Aubree (top)
Amanda, Stacy and Missy (bottom)


Cerritos Stake Center - Freddie Vanderhorst, Kevin Mitchell, Ralph Evans, Kathleen Mitchell, Leon Mitchell, Keith & Bobbie Nielsen, Bob Hansen, Paula Saylors, Pete Vanderhorst, Verlie Hansen, LaRae Mitchell


LM I Ward Girls 1982: (Back) - Christine Brunner, Deanna Spence, Nancy Lake, Jeannette Drasso, Allison Richards, Tammy Craig

(Front) - Marilyn Lake, Kristy Jordan, Erin Russell, Carolyn Ahern, Kim Broderick, Kristin Looney, Lisa Shinedling 



Darlene Evans, Reba White (background), Lorraine Caliva, Dorothy Stone, Sis. Hilton, Bonnie Seely, Kathleen Robertson 1986
Dorothy Stone, Bonnie Seely & Kathleen Robertson - Fashion Show'86
Darlene Foreman, Freddie Van Der Horst, Sheri & Karen Bishop, Earleen Smith, June Davis, Evelyn Hawks 1986


Allen Kids 1972

2007 Claudia Allen and husband Jack Blake - Married 2001
Claudia Allen's grandchildren - Maureen's three: Patrick, Meagan & Jonathan in back - and in pink, Brent's two: Tori & Dani

Matt Allen's family - Cabo San Lucas 2006
L-R Nicolette 16, Leslie, Jocelyn 11, and Matt



Janelle (Thompson) Frost & Husband Ken
Janelle Thompson
Children of Janelle Thompson Frost - Taylor & Makenna
Linda & Bruce Thompson
Linda & Bruce Thompson
Linda & Bruce Thompson
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