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LM Ward has a new bishop, David Kent, Sept 2023




Toni Russell and Rick Seely were married in March 2020! 

Happy news for these longtime La Mirada warders! 



Jerry and Dwi Tubagus' son Norman leaves for his mission to Lansing, Michigan Mission on Aug. 27th. Congratulations! 



Bekki King Argyle and family, their son Cody, second from the right, just graduated high school and went in the MTC July 2014. Leaving for Halifax, Canada (French speaking). He is very excited! 

Brad and Becky Cloward's son Michael graduated as Valedictorian from La Mirada High School this year. That is what parents' dreams are made of.

Matthew Foreman (son of Dave & Tina Foreman) recieved his Eagle Award in May of 2006, and present at the ceremony was a real eagle. Matt is working on his mission call and will hopefully know where he is going by the time the party rolls around.

Sean Lamb (son of Marilyn and Scott Lamb) received his Eagle Scout Award, August 2006...Congratulations! He will turn 19 in Nov. '07 and leave on a mission.

Cooper Henderson (son of Carolyn Ahern and Keith Henderson) sang solo and trio in the Newport Beach Temple Youth Dance Celebration, August 2005. Great job! He will turn 19 in Oct. '07 and leave on a mission.

Deanna Spence and husband Don Forsberg have been "Proctor Parents" for the state of Utah...Hats off to you both!

A big list of next generation bishops: Jeff Redd, Joe Metro, Steve Smith, Scott Smith, Bob Hansen, Jr., Bruce Hansen and Jeff Redd, have been Bishops since leaving La Mirada. John Hulterstrom was bishop twice in the Apple Valley ward. Bill Hulterstrom was bishop of a BYU ward. Thanks for your leadership.

Bruce Hansen has taught institute at UNLV campus for 13 years, and is also a tour guide for church history tours. He is currently in the stake presidency in Las Vegas. Keep teaching our future church leaders.

Did you know Brian Saylors was recently released from serving 10 years in his stake presidency? He lives in Downey and has successfully recovered from a benign brain tumor surgery. Brian is an example to us all!

Diane (Hulterstrom) Ward has a son Michael who is 14 and who recently returned from Washington DC where he was invited by BSA to go as a delegate with their “Report to the Nation” to meet President Bush. ( Here is a link to an article in the March 2007 Church News. He was selected to go as a result of collecting and delivering 34,812 books to a ruined school library in Gulfport, Mississippi, for his Eagle project.
Way to go Michael!

Phil Conley has appeared on reality TV show "Miracle Workers" specializing in prosthetics as well as providing Pokey the Pirate in the movie "Spongebob Squarepants" with his peg leg. Conley was able to work with an above-knee amputee and actor John Siciliano to attach the movie prop leg to Siciliano’s socket and ensure proper functionality. Good stuff!  text box >>

Janice and Eldon Fortie out front of their apartment, on their mission in Nauvoo 2013
The Forties lived in LM 1968-1971 and now live in Escondido. They served 3 years in the San Diego Temple Presidency and spent 6 months last year serving a Nauvoo Temple Mission. Eldon now serves as a sealer in the SD Temple. They've been married 53 years, have 12 grandchildren and 2 great granddaughters (Kalene's grandchildren). Kalene is their oldest and remembers singing "Herkimer the Homely Doll" with David Evans for a ward Christmas party.

Janice and Eldon have 2 grandsons on missions, Little Rock, AR Spanish and New Zealand. They do see Bob Hansen in the temple and on TV doing the news quite often. Maybe some remember the Tijuana Brass Group that Eldon played in. He now plays trumpet in a band in Escondido.




Francene Reck Waltz posted May 2014:

My son TJ just got called to the Philippines Quezon City north mission speaking Tagalog. Wow couldn't be more excited and happy for him. He's my bud. :)



From Lisa Herr - April 2014

Florence Herr turns 90 April 18, 2014! We joined the church 1970, but for 4 years had Missionaries come to our home before we took the lessons in 1970...I wonder if there is a way to find the old Missionaries who served in La Mirada Ward...1966 - 1970 would love to look up the missionaries, lots were from UTAH


From Julie Evans Luschin - April 2014
The family that Hanno and I have raised are now marrying and raising their own children. I moved in LM when I was turning 6. A long time ago. Our youngest, Frederick, is on a mission in Brazil and will be finished and return in June. We have been really blessed with wonderful children and now super grandchildren.
My mother Darlene Evans is doing well and prospering in Mesa in her own "Casita" in the backyard of my sister's place, Kathy Dangerfield.
Kathy had two children that got married in 2013 and I had Philipp get married.
Our daughter Dorothea Williams is "holding down the fort" in La Mirada for the Evans family. So we keep up a little bit every time we go to see her.



Rae Jeanne McAllister Boyle died August 21, 2012 at the age of 73 at her home. She is survived by her husband of 10 years Dave McAllister, 4 sons and 2 daughters.



Long time member of the La Mirada Ward, Howard Shinedling passed away in July, 2011 of a heart attack.
He was a beloved husband and father of four. Services held at La Mirada Ward Building and Rose Hills.


News from Bruce Hansen - Oct. 2011
Just returned from Provo dropping off my youngest at the MTC...where has the time gone?! Jacob is on his way to the Mexico City South mission :)



Barbara Lake and hubby Blake Stevens married off their third child Rochelle this September 2011. As is tradition, Marilyn was the wedding photographer.


Marilyn & Scott Lamb - Our oldest got married this August 2011. Dylan missed his brother's wedding, busy on his mission. Sean and Arin are the happy couple. They're beyond cute.


As of Aug 9, 2011 Lisa Herr and Florence Herr finally sold our home in Vancouver, WA and moved to Warrenton, Oregon...This is next to Astoria, Oregon, the top of the coast of Oregon. We finally found the home that will work for us.. and we have been blessed and when the time was right everything moved very quickly. I was able to get a job and start working and my loan for the home went thru quickly and was blessed continually after. We are beginning the work and then our home will be what we like. I am doing the painting inside and redoing the bathroom walls w/a great mud texture... I love it and will move on to another room w/this technique...I am an Inn Keeper at a beautiful Inn in Arch Cape, Oregon.


Kenneth and Diane Baguley served in the Canada, Vancouver Mission in 1992-1993 under Heber and Ardeth Kapp as Public Affairs Missionaries. We did some proselyting, Open houses, and encouraged the placement of 16 copies of the Encyclopedia of Mormonism in 16 different Colleges/Universities. Only 64% of the population of British Columbia had ever heard of Mormons and the libraries had only anti books...This was an effort to make truth available to those who wanted to research. We loved our mission. One day while driving, Diane turned and asked "Is this what is known as Laboring?" We did not feel like we labored. It was mostly fun. Ken



From Dave and Janet Spence- My son, Devin, was married August 6, 2011 in the Oakland temple. The Sacramento temple was down for cleaning. This is the same temple we were married in 27 years ago.


From Tom & Jackie Leeds - Oct. 2011
Our youngest daughter, Emily, was married in Orange County on the 8th. She was born in the La Mirada Hospital and only 6 months old when we moved to San Ramon, Calif.
in 1984. The newlyweds are living in Laguna Beach.



An update from Carole Caliva Harrison - Sept. 2011
Our daughter Clarice is serving in the Yekaterinburg Russia Mission and son Nicholas is serving in the Donetsk Ukraine Mission also speaking Russian. I don't think they are either of the same missions the Drasso twins went to.



From Julie Evans Luschin - May 2011 
We left the Ukraine, moved back to Germany and then I left for California. In California my mother needed to move from where she has been living since the passing of my Father two years ago which required my assistance as well as my catching up on months of needed Grandmother service for the Williams family. Now we have moved to Rome. We are very grateful to be there to help with the Rome Temple Project. It is exciting and demanding.


Marilyn and Scott's son Dylan Lamb was called to the Michigan Detroit Mission. He reported in Nov. 2010.
He is loving it out there!



Congratulations to the Drasso twins on their mission calls received October 2009 Conference weekend.
Sons of John and Kathy (Roberts)....John is going to the Ukraine and Joseph is going to Russia!!!


Lisa & Florence Herr, mother and daughter, are in Vancouver WA. We have been in the NW since 1981 and 1982. We started up north and worked our way down to
the bottom of the state. We have been in Vancouver WA for about 12 years. Now we are ready for another move (When we can sell our home). We love the NW and the Oregon Coast is so beautiful. We are looking at Seaside OR. It is below Astoria. You get the best of the coast and
mountains all together. I have been lucky w/facebook and been able to find many old friends. I had just come across the La Mirada Reunion website not too long ago. It is good to see where everyone is these days.


Tyler Brunner son of Richard and Kristi (Sims) received his Mission call to Honduras, Tegucigalpa Conference weekend 2009. He reported to the MTC at Provo in May. He has been in Honduras now for almost 2 months. Congratulations! Here is a photo of Tyler with his brother Bryan.

Clay and Donna (Caliva) Anderson's daughter Rachelle got engaged and is getting married on January 2, 2010. She is working in Salt Lake and they met there in the singles ward
Great News! Conveniently, Mamma Donna has all the connections with her bridal business. Congratulations!




October 2009
Joe Metro's daughter Jolyn just received a mission call to Switzerland Geneva (French). So exciting!
Congratulations! Joe wrote: I just spent a couple of hours reminiscing on this website. On the “Remember When” section, I might know the Neff b-ball player who was set up in the locker room (that was brutal).

Mark Phillips son of Keith and Tammy Phillips (Magnusson) has been called to the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Mission reporting to the MTC on Nov. 4. Congratulations!
Bridget Baker Steffensen and husband and their daughter Aubrey at her wedding at Salt Lake Temple, Oct. 2009


La Mirada ward has a new Bishop. On May 31, 2009 Bishop Robert D. Thompson was released after serving a little over 5 years.

Called to serve and currently serving diligently is Bishop Warren G. Williams. He is married to Dorothea Luschin, daughter of Hanno and Julie Evans Luschin.

From Robert Thompson:
I thought I would send a couple of pictures of the recently released and the recently called Bishops of the LM Ward with their wives. All of us participated in the Whittier Stake 50th anniversary celebration. Carol and I represented the decade of the 60's (not a big stretch for us). Bishop Williams and Dorothea represented the 40's.

Some News from Steven Hawkes - April 2009:
My Mom and Dad now live in WA where most of my Mom's family live. They moved there hoping the kids would follow, but that didn't happen...Mom is working for her brother and still quite active, and Dad is retired and finds a lot to do around the house and working on his cars (he has like 7 of them).
Rob is married to Liz and living in Utah (cash valley). They have 7 kids. He also has 2 daughters from his marriage with Gabriella.
McKay (Allan) is living in the bay area with his wife Sharon and they have 4 awesome kids. Mckay is a VERY talented graphic/3D artist and does high end ads for companies like Porsche, GAP, Dolby...etc.
I married my wife Tisha (granddaughter of the DowDell's in the La Mirada 1st ward) and we are working on our 22nd year of marriage...we now live in MN (we moved here 2 years ago). We lived in Denver for ~10 years ofter California. We have 5 beautiful children (ages 19-4) and they keep us VERY busy...I'm currently serving as Deacons quorum advisor and Tisha is in the RS presidency and we just learned we are in the same stake as Kristin (Looney)Croft and cool is that...we have not seen each other in 20 years...and we are in the same stake! To butter the bread, I work as a plant manager for a dessert manufacturing company.



Ruddie Van der Horst passed away April 8th from the effects of Cancer. He was 92 yrs old. He was in Boise, Idaho under the care of son Pete and wife Paula.
Funeral Services were held April 17th, 2009
At the LDS Chapel in La Mirada

Barbara Lake and family. Chad's wedding November 2008
Rochelle, Marissa, Blake, Danielle, Chad & Barbara Stevens
Furthest Right...Danae, Nate and Camryn Curtis

Ralph W. Evans Jr. passed away peacefully January 30, 2009 in St. Judes hospital in Fullerton, California at 1:20 pm. Present at the time of death were his wife of 58 years Darlene, his daughter Kathy Dangerfield and son Mark Evans. A memorial service was held in the La Mirada ward building, Feb. 5th. And another funeral service Feb. 7th in Salt Lake City. He will be dearly missed.



News from Julie (Evans) Luschin: Feb. '09
Hanno, Fred and I left CA on the 10th of January after a wonderful visit for Christmas which included our son Christoph and his wife Emily. We stayed in Dorothea's new home and spent time helping her family move in, plant garden plants, install things, move a lot of boxes etc. I was also able to spend time with both my parents who live about 5-10 minutes away from the Williams new home, (which was built by my brother Mark Evans) and I spent time alone with them separately as well as together.
We had them to dinner several times at the Williams, joined with them for Christmas, New Years and any time they wanted to join in the family activities. So it was a good time. My father was mentally very sharp but having a lot of problems with his knees and other physical problems which were causing him to be pretty discouraged about the whole aging process. He had turned 81 in Nov. but the past month he seemed to have aged overnight. He had become quite unsteady on his feet and walking was becoming a frustration as well as getting out of a chair. It is hard to make the transition to getting a walker when you can still drive and are so alert.
Four days after our return to Kiev he had been shopping and went out to the car to get the groceries and tripped and fell and severly fractured his skull. He never regained consciousness and even though he went through various proceedures to keep him alive his body and spirit didn't want to stay and we didn't want him to stay being totally handicapped physically and mentally. We feel his passing is an answer to prayers and thy will be done by the Lord for him. We will all miss him and are mourning in various ways at various times and it will take a long time to get used to the reality his time on Earth is over but we are at peace as a huge family and are very thankful for his life and his ability to make this transition in good care and with my family being near.
With love Julie Luschin



David Evans and Family 2007

In case you don't know, David Evans is married to President Uchtdorf's daughter, Antje. They have twin sons and a third son. Since this photo was taken, they have had missions, weddings and a grandbaby.

News from Julie (Evans) Luschin: Sept. '08
Marilyn, I am in the Ukraine. My husband Hanno and our youngest son Frederick, 16, have moved here to build the Kiev Temple. We will be here two years but for the moment I am in shock! Driving here is like being in a fair bumper car amusement park, it is hard to shop, everything is different...really different...and a big scary adventure. We arrived on Aug. 22, and we are minus hot water most of the time and my freedom as a shopper has died...I am not up to driving here yet. Well, thanks for responding.
Sincerely & thanks, Julie Evans Luschin




Liz Hirschi Edmunds is out there promoting her new Cook Book "The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner" Easy Family Meals for Every Day of the Week. She signed a contract with BYU do a Food Nanny Rescues Dinner show !!! She is impressively endorsed by Dr. Laura and Mrs. Fields !
Check out her website.



Jill Hirschi Baker and family

Brock, Keaton, Jill, Evan, Kate and Caroline Baker

News from Carole Caliva Harrison:

I am a busy mom in Orem, Utah. My husband Roger and I will be married 20 years on August 14. We had our wedding reception in Darlene and Ralph Evans backyard and so I am thinking fond memories of Darlene and her family's influence in my life. She was a wonderful Laurel's adviser and a good friend. I gratefully think of her and Ralph's support as I think of his passing. We have 5 children:
Luke is 20 and serving in the New Jersey Cherryhill
Mission and is currently in Trenton. He will come home in September. Clarice is 19 and is in her first year at BYU. She is studying in the sciences and plays her french horn in the intermediate orchestra. Nicholas is 17 years old and a junior at Mt View High School. He plays piano, trumpet and runs cross country. Charlotte is 12 She loves to sing, play piano and be creative. Camille is 6 and in 1st grade keeps us smiling. Roger is a professor of Chemistry at BYU and is currently our bishop. He had John Drasso's daughter in
one of his classes last year. I am in the nursery in our ward and am the stake camp director. Hi to all our La Mirada family!



Joe Fetters' son Johnny got his mission call to Supporo Japan. He reports December 31, '08. Congratulations.




Sean Lamb has been called to serve in Tokyo Japan.
He also reports December 31, '08. Wow!

Lambs - Sept. 2007 - Delaney's baptism
Makenzie, Dylan, Scott, Marilyn, Sean and Delaney Lamb


Dave Spence’s son, Devin has been called to serve in the Argentina Buenos Aires South mission. His sister amanda is serving in Chile Antofegasta until April 2009!!


Cooper Henderson (Carolyn Ahern and Keith's son) was called to the Chile Concepcion Mission South.
He reported in May '08


Rachael Yvonne Smith, youngest daughter of Nick Smith and Jennifer Bauer Smith was married to Matthew Jackman, August 9th, 2008 in the Los Angeles Temple.

Jeff Thompson with niece Makenna
News from Tom Christensen - 2008:

I am living in South Florida, married 16 years, 6.5 kids, (.5 is coming in July, to make a full 7 kids), and a bird. My wife's name is Mindy. I would have liked to make the reunion, but couldn't. I was out there for my dad's funeral last year. 



News from Cindy (Magnusson) Andersen:

I am super busy and loving my life. My kids and husband are good, work is good, life is good. We have 6 kids. Two daughters are married and I am a young grandma. I have gotten involved with film making with a friend of ours. We co-produce, he directs, and I write the music and do the sound editing. We have a good crew and are really enjoying ourselves. We just finished our first short film called, "The Blue Box." Our plan is to make films with Deaf actors or surrounding Deaf issues. The guy I am partnering with is Deaf himself, and has all the skills. You can see the trailer at We are in the middle of our first film festival. 50 films were submitted and we were one of 15 selected, so we're pretty excited about that. Right now it is just a hobby.




Thanya and Tanya Hansen:

Also shown are Tanya's cute daughter and husband
News from Joe and Janis Fetters: 5 Kids...

On the music front, I started playing the guitar a lot when Janis was pregnant with Michael and the guitar has brought me back to classic rock and a fair amount of blues. I have taken my wife to one too many Styx concerts! We saw the Scorpions in Boise, we were in the first couple of rows and my ears haven't stopped ringing since. What did you just say? What?
My kids are really smart (I bet every Dad says that!) Johnny is Mr. Debate. He went to Nationals in Debate last year and ended up in the top 50 in the country- which was reallly cool. He's a great kid.
My wife is really musical and most of my kids have inherited her talent. So all of them have more musical talent than I have. We have a drum set, mic's, bass amps, guitar amps, and tons of gear in the basement.



One of our local designers, Parker Jacobs, best known for Paul Frank designs and Yo Gabba Gabba cartoons has an illustration of Ed Roth to share with us. Below you'll see his fun and creative tribute to "Big Daddy". Notice the hidden Book of Mormon:

R.F. stands for rat fink, by the way...

Resin figurine of "Big Daddy" Roth on Ebay Jan. 6th '08
The Tucker Kids 2007
From Christine (Brunner) Tucker:
As a "band-note": Dwayne King and Richard Brunner put a band together at BYU and played a parody of a Rocky Horror song; "Sweet-Young School-Boy." Left out all that "transvestite" stuff and substituted "School-boy from Califor-ni-a." It was a hit at the Ward party.

News from the Dave Spence Family:
We have lived in Rancho Cordova (Home of the Sacramento temple) for 19 years. Dave and Janet will have been married 24 years this August. Our Daughter, Amanda (21) is currently serving in the Chile Antofagasta mission until April 2009. Devin (19) is anxiously waiting for his call to leave this summer. 2 at a time will be exciting. Rusty (14) is a freshman and Brady (10) is in fourth grade. They are looking forward to having their own rooms. Dave has taught 6th grade for 23 years and is an aspiring administrator. He was released from the bishopric and is now teaching seminary for the second time. The Lord has a sense of humor: it’s called PAYBACK!!! I have great memories of growing up in La Mirada. Looking forward to the next reunion.



Our condolences to Pat Kruse and her family with the passing of Dick Kruse. September 2007 - She does beautiful work.
In the Foothill Ranch ward, CA

Makenzie, Delaney and Marilyn Lamb

Girls, 13 and 8 years old

Currently Money Magazine listed the best 100 places to live in the nation....La Mirada was listed as #34.

Click here:

Then click on La Mirada listed as #34.



Bishop Earl and Rose Marie Redd served a mission to Mexico

in 1999.




Joe Metro and Mary Fetters were in the same mission at the same time in Bolivia.


Neil Olson and David Evans were missionary companions for
a few months in Paraguay. Baptized some people together. Also were in the band Impact together.



Dean Byers and Eric Olson were both in the Billings Montana mission at the same time. They met in the middle of the park.


Jeff Redd received a mission call to Peru and he went there. Bill and Bob Hulterstrom (twins) received calls to Guatemala and Ecuador a few months later. They could not get VISAs for those countries at that time, so they were sent to Peru.
They were all in the same mission at the same time.
While they were there, the mission was divided. Jeff stayed in one mission and Bill and Bob went to the other one. Bill and Bob were companions for the last several months of their mission. David Spence went down after the others had returned home.

David Klenk and Corey Child both were in the Little Rock Arkansas mission at the same time. (Correct?)



Ed Roth and Joe Fetters got baptized on the same day.


Glenn Baguley has been teaching for over 20 years. He is at Payson High School in Utah. Do you remember the movie "Footloose" with Kevin Bacon? Well that is the high school where Glenn teaches. 

Bomont High School in the movie is really "Payson High School" in Payson, Utah.
In the scene where Rev. Shaw shows Ren a picture of his deceased son Bobby, John Lithgow actually showed a picture of his real son.
With the Principal's knowledge, 24-year-old Kevin Bacon attended the Provo Utah High School as "Ren McCormack", a transfer student from Philadelphia to get into his role. With his narrow tie and new-wave haircut, he was treated pretty much like in the film. Bacon gratefully left with the location scouts on the afternoon of the first day.
The film's soundtrack album knocked Michael Jackson's "Thriller" off the top of the U.S. album charts, where it had ranked for more than a year.

Diane Baguley's great aunt was Dorothy Cannon, daughter of Frank J. Cannon, son of George Q. Cannon...A little genealogy from Diane's line. 

Nice story for Nick & Jennifer Smith, they were married August 23, 1975 in her home by Bishop John Brown. And in 1979 they were sealed on August 4th, in the Los Angeles Temple.



Karen Caliva Jeffreys has a son who is in the Navy, stationed in Chicago. GO NAVY, HOOA!


Carole Caliva Harrison's husband is a Chemistry/Biology professor at BYU. Dissect that.


More Band Notes:
In La Mirada Neil Olson had a garage band called Kaos
Brent Sims had a band called The Janitors, also known as Mainstream. David Evans' band was M C Squared, and later changed the name to Impact. Eric Saylors was the drummer in both of these bands. Richard Brunner played with David for a while. I could have sworn I was in a band too, played the keyboards and sang a little, and now thanks to Neil I have proof! I was in The Janitors too. Thank you Neil!
...Marilyn Lamb


Some news from Sheri (Bishop)Thornton:
Rob and I recently celebrated 19 years of marriage and we have two wonderful children. Joseph, 17, will be a senior in high school this year. Katherine, 10, will be in 5th grade. Rob spent almost 10 years in the military before leaving to spend time with family and pursue other interests. I recently went back to work full-time after spending 14 years as a stay-at-home mom.
We live in an area where the church is not so strong (our ward boundary is huge, encompassing a 60 mile area) and our membership is about half military families, so there is always plenty to do in our ward. Needless to say, church related things can keep us pretty busy. We were thrilled when the San Antonio temple was built. In an area where 'a short drive' can be up to 4 hours long, our 2.5 hour drive to San Antonio is a treat! In a nutshell, we're happy and love the life & family we've created together.



Some news from Bishop Chuck & Katie Cline:
They will celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary on Aug. 4th, the day of our reunion. They live in Alpine, UT and
have a new home in St. George. All their children and grandchildren are doing well. New pictures of their daughters are on "Photo Gallery."


Some news from Francene (Reck) & Todd Waltz
From Todd: I googled myself and came up on your La Mirada website,.......I don't remember falling out of any Mustang......but then again......I don't remember much of anything.........what a crack up Marilyn....Francene and I are in Kaysville Utah.....Married 20 years with 3 kids.......we totally have to figure out a way to come to the reunion.


Some news from Eldon and Janice Fortie:
LM was such a great place to live and we have so many wonderful memories of our time spent there. We saw Ken Baguley a couple of years ago after Eldon's football # was re-retired at BYU. We have kept in touch with the Burrs and the Cleggs and we just went to visit the Furgeson's a few weeks ago at Leisure World in Seal Beach. Colleen is my 2nd cousin.
We are so sorry that we can't attend the Reunion in Aug. We will be in No. CA with all of our kids and grandkids for a week, that very same time.



Some news from Liz and Stephen Edmunds:
Liz Hirschi is married to Stephen Edmunds, and they live in Woodland, Utah. The Edmunds were part of the ward in La Mirada. Stephen's father was bishop at one time. He passed away some time ago, and all the kids moved away from the area. He was Bishop in the late 1960's early 70's.
Liz and Steve have 7 children and almost 16 grandchildren.



Some news from John and Earleen Smith:
In November 2005, John and Earleen Smith were called
to serve in the Mar Vista Ward of the Whittier Stake.
Mar Vista Ward is the single adult ward. John serves as 1st Counselor in the Bishopric. When a man is called to serve in a single adult ward his wife is released from her current calling and called to serve with him in that ward. It is a great calling and we love the young adults!



Some news from Sue and Paul Bunker:

Paul and I are in Clarksville, Arkansas serving a mission. We will return in October. This area is very pastorale and extends 30 miles every way. The Branch is growing slowly and we are here to help. The area is beautiful with trees ,pastures and good folks. We are on a prosyliting mission and so we teach and serve wherever we are needed. 

Brent and Margie are in Decatur, Ill. with 5 children. Joshua is married, Coralee just returned from a mission in Panama and three are at home. Carolyn lives in Mesa, Arizona and we do also now. Her son Jeremy is married, and 3 boys at home. Matthew and Debra are in Cedar Falls,Iowa where he teaches at UNI and they have 3 children at home. Michael is in Draper, Utah with 2 children at home. 



Some news from Bekki (King) Argyle:
I heard that Bruce Hansen was on the reunion radio show. When he was our seminary teacher we literally burried gold plates in the church yard (in that little square) behind the seminary room. I asked him about it last May at the ward. Dwayne spoke on mothers day and Bruce happened to be there. He laughed and said to keep it secret, because he could probably get in trouble for something like that now, but he never dug it up. Those plates have been there for over 25 years. We actually engraved our names on them, isn't that classic? He brought the book of mormon to life for me. I had read it before, but he really inspired me. Great man.
I lived with Dina Olson for a while when we were at BYU. I'm still reallly close with Dina, we literally talk weekly.



Some news from Kathleen & Charlie Robertson:
The 411 on the kids....
Jared and wife Alex have 3 (Eve (3), Christian (2), and Natalia (2 months)...
Bree and husband Shane have 1 (Boden (4 months)...
Sarah and husband Matt have 2 (Noah (2) and Katia (9 months)...
Ryan and wife Aira are preggers!!! (due May)...
Ian and wife Brittany just got married last May and are planning to finish college first (we'll see...'best laid plans' etc...)
So that's 6 1/2 grandchildren!!! We're so in love with them all!!! It's really fun!!!



News from Kim (Power) Stilson:
To answer your question I do have a marketing company which I own and which butters the bread. Part of that marketing company is an internet talk radio station called the Grapevine Talk Radio Network -- Connect to People Who Know! It is at and you can hear a show we do every day 9-11 PST called Healthy Wealthy Wow as well as other folks with great shows. I love this part of my job and think it would be fun to use the resources I have to keep us all (get us all) re-connected.



News from Lee and Dick Child:
Wanted to share with you that when Dick and I went to So. Africa on our mission that we served in the office but during the week nights and on week ends we were sent to a black unit to help them get organized, etc. Most of them had belonged to the church only a few years - knew the gospel, etc., but knew nothing about leadership, etc. AND guess what I was called to do - yes, for the 1-1/2 yrs. we were there I taught all of the YW - had 7 of them and what a joy they were in my life.
Just to note: we now have 19 grandchildren and 15 GREAT grandchildren - all 15 of the Greats are living nearby in Utah - fun to get together.
Please give our regards to everyone - we are SO SORRY to miss this great affair. Our oldest son, Craig and his wife Cori will be at the reunion and promise to take pictures for us.



News from Karen Bishop:
I am here in Anchorage, Alaska where I have been living since 2002. My son Sheridan (Danny) came up here when he was in the Army and after just one visit I was hooked. Sheri is living with Rob and her kids in Texas. Sheridan is still here, a single dad with 2 beautiful daughters.
Please feel free to give out my email address to anyone who wants to contact me. My physical address is 1635 Sitka #202, Anchorage, AK 99501. I'd love to hear from anyone there!!



News from Gordon & Connie Lake:
To keep you up to date, we served a Family History mission in Salt Lake in 1995. We now live in Mission Viejo near another lake. Some things never change. We work in the family history center at the Mission Viejo stake center. We have 10 grandchildren. We live close to Marilyn and Nancy. Barbara lives in Highland, UT.
Marilyn got to stay with her cousin Alison in England in 2005. That is Gordon's niece and we would like to go visit as well. The family is still in Canada and we get there every now and again to see our brothers and sisters. We miss the La Mirada neighborhood and sometimes the old house.
Update on the Lakes, they now work in the Newport Beach temple once a week taking calls and reservations
Old News Yes, but important!

  • Both La Mirada Wards are now part of the Whittier Stake
  • They have been renamed the La Mirada Ward and the Granada Ward
  • The homes near Valley View were incorporated into the Granada Ward
Ralph Evans, Sunday November 24, 1963

La Mirada Ward Chapel Dedication

The week JFK was shot
LM Chapel Dedication Program Cover 11-24-63
Chapel dedication program 11-24-63
Chapel dedication program 11-24-63

Before Cerritos Stake we were Norwalk Stake
There was a time when we were branching off from the Norwalk ward and we were called the Artesia Ward. One of the Bishops of that ward was Kenneth Schiefer. They moved from the Norwalk building to a roller skating rink sometimes used for furniture auctions. With the appearance of a huge empty barn, this building served as the ward's home for about 3 years. Flooded during periods of rain, hot in the summer and cold in the winter, classrooms shared with pesky mice and an occassional transient.

The next move was to a Seventh Day Adventist chapel located in Norwalk. The building had a raised floor with a drumlike sound. For classrooms, they used an adjascent building and campers provided by ward members in the parking lot and several little rooms just off the chapel.
Jack Hale and Dick Atkinson - Building new La Mirada Chapel
Grant Altman, Patty Atkinson & Von Gordon's wife
November 1963

In Memorium
Dick Atkinson 1974
Dick Atkinson 1974
On Friday, April 12, Dick Atkinson, Dale Manwaring and eight Explorer Scouts (Gary McArthur, John Klenk, Doug King, Scott Allen, Mark Oertel, Paul Stevens, Bob Brown and Dan Christensen) prepared for a Peak Bagger Group E winter ascent of University Peak in the High Sierra.
Saturday afternoon Brother Don King called Patty and said that the bishop had received a message that Dick had been injured in a fall during the hike. The family had made several trips to the hospital for injuries throughout the years - a quick trip to the emergency ward and they would be on their way again. This was not to be. Dick was at the bottom of the cliff where he had fallen. Dick had died from the fall April 13, 1974.

Born August 31, 1925

The Explorer scouts and their parents made preparations for them to serve as pall bearers.
April 18, 1974


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In Memorium...most dates deceased are since our 2007 reunion:




Priscilla Nielsen  Dec 2023

Rose Marie Redd  Dec 2023

Tom Leeds  Dec 2023

Bud Pitsenbarger  Aug 2023

Marilyn Roberts  March 2023

Lee Roberts

Sheri Bishop Thornton  Dec 2022

Melinda Hulterstrom Parkin  Oct 2022

Don Forsberg  Sept 2022

Virginia Conley  May 2022

Wilkie Wilkinson  Dec 2021

Roy "Buz" Foreman  Dec 2021

Ruth Byers  Oct 2021

Dean Byers

Lillie Byers

Charles Byers

Barbara Feliciano  Sept 2021

Craig Child  Aug 2021

Leon Mitchel  Feb 2021

Lewis Bodell  Sept 2020

Irene Drasso  Sept 2020

Tony Parker  Feb 2020

Dick Coon  Jan 2020

Eldon Fortie  Jan 2020

Clyne Broderick  Jan 2021

Zina Broderick  Oct 2019

Shirley Booth  Oct 2019

Ken Baguley, Sr.  Sept 2019

Diane Baguley  2013 

Ruth Fewkes  Aug 2019

Reba White  2019

Joe Harris  2019

Bruce Thompson  2019

Juanita Wagner  2010

Ruel Wagner  March 2019

Helen Kelperis  Dec 2018

Brian Looney  May 2018

Kay Daniels  Sept 2018

Bob Hill  Sept 2018

Dick Giles  Aug 2018

Lanell Bachman  April 2018

Nadine King  March 2018

Jeanne Rodeback  May 2018

Freddie Vanderhorst  Jan 2018

Rudy Van Der Horst

Pam Arnoldson  2017

Elaine Hulterstrom Bassett  Nov 2017

Betty Hulterstrom

Walter Hulterstrom

Will Boyd  2017

Karen Gossen  2017

Tom Van Vliet  July 2021

Mary Van Vliet  Nov 2017

Lisa Shinedling  April 2017

Howard Shinedling  2011

Kim Power  2017

Geoffrey Power, Sr.

Wayne Holland  2017

Fay Holland  2017

Dale Trumbo  2017

Paul Bunker  Oct 2016

Jo Trumbo  2015

Pat Kruse

Dick Kruse

Patty Atkinson

Bob Hansen 

Verlie Hansen

Beverly Seymour

Ralph Evans

Darlene Evans

Carol Prestwich

Gary Prestwich

Barbara Cowan

Yvonne Ahern  April 2013

Norman Ahern

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Donna Smith  April 2008

Blaine Warr  April 2008

Donna Pitsenbarger

Harlene Olson

Karen Olson

Barbara DeLaMare

Don DeLaMare 

Shirley Hampton  June 2018

Jim Hampton 

Adeline McArthur

Marge Sorenson

Ralph Woodmansee

Birdie (Alberta) Strey

Florence Herr

Ricardo Brunner

Anna Brunner

Todd Waltz

Karen Larsen Olson

Genevieve Garfield Allen

Glenn Bills

Gary Hill

Rae Jeanne Boyle

George Caliva

Bill Claybaugh

Sarah Cosper

Jack Hale

Archie Harrington

Archie Haskins

Charlene Heiss 

John Heiss  March 2018

Merlin Magnusson

Barbara Rice  2013

David Rice

Frank Rice

Robert Rice

IIsaac Smilowitz  2007

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Kara Hershey  2005

Ed Roth

Bonnie Seely  1996

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